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Due to unexpected turns of event that caused lag to the server. We will be re-opening on May 20, @ 2PM EST. Sorry for any inconvenience this caused.
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Faction Reset Changelog

A brand new factions map is on its way! We have been working extremely hard to bring you the most content possible to enhance your gameplay experience. keep in mind that many of these newly added features and changes might stir up some bugs that will be fixed asap! Please report any newly discovered bugs to a staff member or post it in the bug section on the forums.

Paypal prizes is one of the most suggested Ftop payouts and we're willing to give it a try. Keep in mind that, any large payouts would greatly complicate the chances of other players being able to win any future payouts. so we're keeping it small at this time. If this goes well, we will continue to do it for future maps and perhaps increase the amount.

NOTE: All the changes are not yet set in stone! Anything newly added or changed will be highlighted in green with a (NEW) tag. It is not too late to share your...
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Many of you guys already know that we encountered a serious loss of server and database files, this also included backups on our secondary device. This loss has caused some permanent damage, one of which is all our website data will forever be gone. However, some servers suffered little to no damage. We were able to recover some files and patch up the servers with other existing backups. The website and servers have now returned to a normal functioning state, but some of you may be missing some of the following:
  • Website Data (You will need to register again)
  • Global Ranks
  • Global Titles
  • Permissions
  • Kits
  • Adpoints
We are still not fully aware on what exactly happened, but can only speculate that it could have been unauthorized access. If it were to be a device failure or corruption, then it would have been clear as day to us. You can rest assured that we have learnt from this incident and improved security, as well as setup...
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Congratulations to the top 3 Ftop winners! The leaders of the faction have all been sent their Buycraft Voucher by mail in the lobby server. To access your mail, use the command (/mail read)

Note: You will have to log onto the hub server once before i can send you the Voucher due to your player file being lost.

Next Faction Map?

Factions will be whitelisted for the new few days until we can release a temporary KitMap for it. Development for the upcoming factions reset will resume once we have fixed most issues with missing player ranks, kits and titles.
  • 1st ) Curse - $847,376,500 - $150 Buycraft Voucher
  • 2nd ) Viraze - $510,511,375 - $100 Buycraft Voucher
  • 3rd ) Skyblock - $71,131,500 - $50 Buycraft Voucher
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If you are looking for a way to support the server other than donating, you can vote for the server! Voting daily contributes exponentially towards the servers growth. It allows the server to display on the top page for more exposure.

You will be automatically be rewarded on each server in-game every time you vote. There are also vote milestones for every server, once it has been reached, you will receive even greater rewards!

At the end of each month, players who have voted a total of 150 times will automatically receive a $10 Buycraft voucher and enter a raffle draw for the top rank for the server. To access this voucher, use the command "/Voucher" in-game.

Vote links:

Vote 1
Vote 2
Vote 3
Vote 4
Vote 5
Vote 6

Thank you for supporting the network!​
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This thread is a simple guide on how to earn Adpoints towards our in-game Adshop. This shop is a replicate of our "Buycraft" store. You will earn 1 adpoint for every short video ad you watch.

  • 1 adpoint for every video ad watched.
  • /adshop - Opens up a GUI allowing you to obtain your personal ad link, view information and access the AdShop
  • /adpoints send - Allows you to transfer your adpoints to a specified player

Note: You will have to disable your ad blocker in order for the ads to show.

If you are receiving the message above whenever you try watch an ad. Try watching the ad on a different browser. If that doesn't work, read the following:

Option 1. If you are from the USA (Likely to have ads):
  1. It could mean that there are currently no active ad campaigns in your area at this time or the daily ad display threshold has been reached. Try again another time.
  2. The campaigns are not...