by Harry at 4:09 PM
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Hey everyone,

As many of you now know, I have recently taken ownership of the network from Dota. Some of you may remember me as the old developer of the network and more recently the new owner of Wyvern’s sister server, Mythcraft.

In taking ownership I am bringing my team with me and we are planning on completing a full network revamp over the course of the next month. This is going to involve completely shutting down the old servers which as I’m sure many of you will agree are very outdated and starting fresh with new servers and new maps. The new network will be rebuilt from the ground up, removing all the old and outdated features and content.

We will be rebranding the network back to Vortex and discontinuing the Wyvern name. There is no fixed date for the revamp release yet as it depends on a multitude of factors, however I can confirm that it will be at some point within July. The current servers will be going offline within the next few weeks after we have confirmed a...