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    •==Allowed mods==•

    • Mods that are for purely aesthetic purposes i.e. Shaders
    • Optifine
    • bspkrs’ mods
    • Ingame Info
    • Map Writer
    • Damage Indicators
    • 5zig PvP Mod
    • MouseTweaks (faster looting with drag shift click)
    • GammaBright
    • Light Client
    • Schematica**
    • Better Sprinting
    • Toggle Sprint/Sneak
    • Better HUD
    • Replay Mod
    • Voxel No Radar

    Please Use the official download locations, if you download the incorrect mod even if it is named the same as one of the listed mods you can be banned. Using Schematica (or any other mod) to download server owned builds (such as spawns, shops etc.) will not be tolerated.

    •== By playing on our network you agree to adhere to the following rules ==•

    #1: No cheating, illegal modifications or use of exploits as well as glitching

    • We will not condone any form of cheating, expect to be permanently banned and or blacklisted for serious infractions of exploiting

    #2: No ban evading

    • If caught evading a permanent ban the punishment that was applied to your main account may also be applied to the account you are using to evade the ban and may result in a ip ban

    #3: Your account is your responsibility

    • If you choose to share your account and someone else breaks a rule while using it punishments will be applied just the same ( this is not a valid appeal excuse )

    #4: No advertising or spam

    • Server advertisement or product advertisement both on forums and in game will result in a permanent ban

    • Spam will result in a mute ( automated spam may result in an ip mute )

    #5: No illegal links

    • Links containing vulgar material or sexual content ( i.e screamers, shockers, porn etc. ) will result in a permanent ban

    #6: No racism or auto mute bypassing

    • Punishments for racism may be applied via a plugin or at staff discretion, bypassing the auto mute system will result in extended mutes

    • Racist playernames or nicknames will be banned until changed you may appeal when changed

    #7: No donation scamming or real world trades

    • If you have entered into an agreement to purchase buycraft listings for another player in trade for ( in game: Money, Items, Voucher Codes, Vote Tokens, Adpoints, ) you will be banned if you do not fulfill the agreement

    • Trading of accounts or anything outside of what the network controls for ( in game: Money, Items, Voucher Codes, Vote Tokens, Adpoints, ) will result in punishment

    #8: No blackmail, doxing or lying to Staff

    •== Please use common sense, we will not tolerate malicious players who violate these rules. Wyvernnetwork reserves the right to remove anyone from the network via blacklist at any time if we feel you need to be removed from the community. This extends to forums and in game. ==•

    #9: No staff Impersonation

    • Impersonating staff will result in punishment

    #10: No charging back

    • Charging back will result in a permanent ban
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